What makes our fake Polski bank statement products so versatile? It’s about more than the fact that we worked hard to create them. We also designed these statements to look as authentic as possible, so you get the biggest novelty impact.

Novelty Statement Usage

We’ve made it easy to take advantage of novelty bank statements that look like the real thing. Our fake Polski bank statements are great learning aids for helping students get educated about finance. Nothing works quite as well as real-world examples. With these novelty forms, you can teach your class about the financial management skills they’ll need to succeed. Or have you simply lost your bank statement and need a replacement?

Complete Customization

Every fake bank statement in our catalog comes as a Photoshop file with the front and back of the document. This PSD format is easy to edit, once edited you can export in PSD and many other formats for print or electronic sharing. We’ve even included editable fields, so you don’t have to work hard to customize information like

  • Names,
  • Addresses,
  • Dates, or
  • Transactions, Balances and Amounts.

Straightforward Tutorials

With our novelty Polski bank statement products you do not graphic design degree to use. That’s why we decided to create something new and simple to work with. In addition to sticking to a clear document layout, we also provide simple instructions on how to edit your statement. To get started,┬ácheck out the tutorial.

No Limits on Usage

We don’t make you keep purchasing Polski bank statement documents just because you need to make multiple edits. Since you own the PSD file, you can do whatever you want as many times as you like.

Disclaimer and Terms of Use

We do not provide novelty documents for illegal uses, and we do not condone the use of our products or services for such purposes. By purchasing, downloading or using any of our products, you agree that they are for novelty or replacement purposes only. You also agree that we are not responsible for any outcomes related to your use of our products.


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